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[Filled] [SFW] Reference sheet for my sona

Blu Dragoon

Err0w everybody! My name is Blu Dragoon, but you can call me Blu for short! After spending the last couple of months carefully thinking over what my sona is and tried to draw him a few times but failed as I'm not an artist with 2D drawings, I've spent a while on debating if I should commission someone to draw me or not. But here i am, looking to commission. ^w^

So lets get started, I'm looking to commission someone to draw my sona with a cartoony style, prefebly closer to an "anime" or kenomo, similar to the style that Dragoon86/Wolflong draws. My sona is not the most "original" in design. I'm wanting my sona's head to be almost identical to Aluka's head (from Dragoon86) but with different fur colors, and the snoot horn being a little closer to the snoot. As for the body I'm looking to have Blu being more human like for the arms and torso, while the legs I'm wanting to look more dragon like. And if it makes any importance of knowing, he is 7' 3" tall. I'm also wanting to have Blu's tail be rather long, about 60% of his body's height, and is tapered. Meaning that his tail is thick at the "base" of the tail while thinning as it gets closer to the tip. The tip should be no thinner than a finger, as my sona uses his tail to boop often.^w^ I'm also wanting Blu to be a bit muscular, but not hyper. Just enough that he looks slightly buffed. Blu also has no scales, he is only covered in fur.

Also for fur colors, see this image for reference:
And lastly, I'm looking for 3 views of my sona, front, side and rear. I'm also looking for both sketched and colored and shaded versions of the reference sheet, as I will be using the sketched one for modeling and colored/shading as future references for future commissions. My price range is $30-100 USD, PayPal only. But I'll add an extra $25 if you feel like drawing an additional references (headshot only) for emotions such as Joy, Sad, Anger, Disappointed, Sleepy and cute/kawaii. However I am only looking for the additional references after the 3 views have been drawn.

If you are interested then please provide examples of your work. I will gladly answer any questions you may have. Looking forward to getting my sona drawn! ^w^


self-taught artsist // 18
I can make you a ref sheet for $55 PayPal, example ref sheets I made, I can adjust my style to fit the preferred anime style you wish

This one only has two views but I'll make the three views, since there are some things you want different about your sona. We would have to talk often preferably discord so I can make sure the ref sheet is to your liking.

Let me know if your interested.

Blu Dragoon

I can make you a ref sheet for $55 PayPal, example ref sheets I made, I can adjust my style to fit the preferred anime style you wish
View attachment 25096
This one only has two views but I'll make the three views, since there are some things you want different about your sona. We would have to talk often preferably discord so I can make sure the ref sheet is to your liking.

Let me know if your interested.
Do you have a DA or FA that'll allow me to see what else you've drawn?


I'd be at the higher end of your budget but I'm interested and enjoy painting characters of this nature.
Would be a sketch followed by a paint (I don't use a sketch/line/flat/color process, I go straight to paint).




Portfolio Site,
mercenaryartist.artstation.com: Robert Treherne

Note, Discord or Email works,
Email: (MercenaryArt@yahoo.com)
Discord: (MechaMerc #0785)

Thanks for your consideration,
-Robert III


Hey there, I'd be happy to take your request for 75$, if you'd give me a chance !
Here're some of my works :










If you're interested, let me know !


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I'd be interested in helping you out if you're still looking for someone.

I can do a reference sheet with said requirements for 80$ along with a couple of chibis for clothing or whatever you like.
You can replace those if you don't want them though with something of similar magnitude! If you wish to keep the chibis however and add other things like the expression headshots there would be a small fee.

- Edits do have a fee as well, depending on the magnitude of the change, but the first two are free of charge.

Feel free to contact me through any of the following if you're interested in anything:
- PMs here
- My FA
- My email (ursachum@gmail.com)

Here are a few samples of my work:


Thank you for your time!


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Gundam Meister
Hi, I am interested too. Here are some examples of my work:





For reference sheets like this I charge $26 USD per full-body view, so that is $78 USD for a reference sheet with 3 views.
Please note me on FA or e-mail me at sushychan(at)gmail.com if you want to commission me.


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Hiya! If you're still looking for an artist, I'd be interested in making the ref for you, I'm very comfortable with drawing muscled characters. :D
I can do a 3-view color sketch sheet with all 6 expressions you've listed for $110 ($80 if you don't want the faces) - quality is like the dragon + T-rex.

You can find my previous ref sheets here: Artwork Gallery for NegaNeon -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Feel free to look around for more art samples! I can be reached through PMs here, on FA, or my work email: Neganeon@gmail.com




My name is Vistrym, here's a link to my commission info. For your ref sheet (3 sided with moods) i'd do for 55$. I just need a form of constant communication since this would mean a lot to you.
Let me know if you're interested ♥



I have ref sheet prices listed somewhere on the page linked below. Your given budget and addon price should cover what you want and up to three emotions.

thetaillessdragon.weebly.com: Prices

However, i don't normally include shading in my ref sheets, as it can sometimes be difficult to tell what's shading and what isn't. I can give you the sketch of it free of charge though.




Commission Me
Hi there! your dragon makes me think of X-Veemon :p a cute one indeed.
It sounds like you have many many details to describe, I do detail-oriented commissions for $60!
I supply WIPs and work with you during the whole process.
We can make you a reference sheet just the way you like it,
and get your dragon-sona looking just as you imagined.

Here is a cute lil dragon I drew up for a patron of mine:

Here you can view much more of my artwork:
forums.furaffinity.net: Commission (Selling): - $15 Digital Full body+Color / OPEN/

Blu Dragoon

I'm a day late on this but I've been pretty swamped with work, moving on. Thank you guys so much for your time but I have found someone to commission, I will keep this thread bookmarked for future commissions as I have seen a few people in here who has the kind of art I like and would love to commission for a more detailed (or however to explain non-reference sheet) images in the future! Thank you all!

- Blu