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Hiring: ($100+) (filled) Two x Fullbody, Feral Dragon + Anthro Deer (SFW)


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Thank you everyone, I've found my artist for this commision :)

Hello you who is reading this!

I'm looking for a full body commision for me and the girlfriend / emotional support dragon.

Quick points for skimming:
  • $100 USD negotiable, happy to splurge for quality
  • Two full body; 1 feral dragon, 1 anthro deer
  • Simple background (detail below), but happy to drop the background if needed
  • Simple shading but happy to splurge on this for some detailed shading
  • Coloured
  • Ideally an action pose, but open to ideas on the pose.
  • Timeframe preferably by christmas but absolutely not a problem if deadline too tight
  • Paypal preferred, I very much prefer partial payment to begin, and full payment once work complete
As for the details;

I'd like my Anthro deer to be riding her dragoness a la How to Train Your Dragon so an action shot of them either in the clouds, or skimming the water. Simple riding equipment preferred like saddle, bridle, but not a dealbreaker. I like soft warm tones so if you're comfortable with a sunset scene I'd love that! Absolutely open to pose ideas, we're both competative and cheeky with eachother sooo Smug dragon / scared deer, or both thrilled, or something romantic, etc

For the background, I'd only want something simple, a smattering of clouds, or the ocean. I'd love a nice detailed enviroment like god-rays, hill/rock formations etc, but maybe when money isn't tight ^^;. I'm happy to drop the background in liue of good lines and colour though.

This is a late Christmas present for the girl who went and bought what I had already pre-orded for her! So scrambling for other ideas ;p

I'm no artist so I'm open to discussion and ideas. I've attached a few(many) example shots I like; not looking for anything nearly that quality! as much as I'd love it, just examples of form and theme :)

This is the not fun part (left it to last sorry)
References are a bit tricky; Her dragon only has an anthro ref sheet but I can provide reference images of body proportions and features.
My deer has no ref, only one full body render and an icon, as well as my original reference images breakdown I used to commision him.

Feel free to message m eon here or on Discord @ Inami#3333 , I'm in Aus so time-zone might be a thing!


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I'm very interested in making this art for you
Below I'll leave the link to my instagram where I have better-worked arts
if you are interested, or want a sketch before deciding, please message me


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Hello, i would like to realize your commission. Here some example of my arts and price. Don't be afraid to ask for more information:


commission sheet 1.jpg