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Submission Problem: Filter out another's submissions.


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I am a bit unsure how the search engine functions on this site and if it possible to do this.

But is there some way to filter out another FA users images from the search results?


I'm not entirely sure, but if you have access to a browser plugin such as Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey, you can install this userscript and set it to filter out that users content.

greasyfork.org: FA Content Filter

As for how the search engine works

@lower USERNAME @keywords TAG
For example
@lower dragoneer @keywords me

Below is a legend telling you what each parameter does
@lower - [searches usernames]
@title - [searches submission titles]
@message - [searches submission description]
@keywords  -[searches submission tags]
@filename - [searches for precise filename]


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Pretty much what Jay said - for an example of how this might function, plugging the following into the search engine will net submissions that mention my name somewhere (title, description, keywords, whatever), but which were not posted by me:
quoting_mungo @lower -quotingmungo
EDIT: To clarify, the "lower" parameter takes usernames as written in a user's profile URL, which is why the underscore is only in one of those two places.
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Well, the extension refused to install, even when I added the Tampermonkey browser plugin the extension was arrested and locked away by my anti virus for looking too much like a malicious program.

Been mocking around a bit with the search engine and it seems just adding - in front of a username removes their submissions, but the search engine fails to find anything when - is placed in front of a username that already has - in it, like -john-smith. I guess the engine treats this as a case of two usernames without an empty space between them and tries to look for anything submitted from those joint usernames.


What antivirus are you running??

It shouldn't reject it automatically. Chrome might throw a fit and tell you it may be malicious but you should be able to override it.

Failing that, create a new script in tampermonkey and copy/paste the code directly from the link.


Ah, it does have a habit of being heavy handed.

My earlier suggestion of copying the script directly into tampermonkey should help bypass that issue with norton.