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Final Fantasy XIV Discussion



I only know how to talk about this game haaa...

So I'm a pretty avid fan of FFXIV and I wanted to see if anyone else around here played it.
Just a few discussion questions is all I've got...

  • Are you excited for Stormblood? What's the most exciting thing about the expansion?
  • What role do you like play? Why? (Example I play DPS (BRD) because I like to hit things and not feel the soul crushing responsibility of a tank. Maxing DRK was a trial.)
  • Do you enjoy the endgame grind to Stormblood? Farming for Scripture/Lore, finishing savage raids, etc.
  • Did...did you get an anima weapon maxed...? (I didn't. Hello Umbrites.)
  • What do you think about the upcoming changes to the games combat system?
  • Do you have favorite parts of the lore? (I.E. The end of 1.0 or the Binding Coils or Alexander etc.)
  • What Data Center and Server do you play on? What's the queue times like? Would you change servers if you could?
  • Do you RP with your character? Is it fun? I'd love to hear about this in particular.

(つ▀¯▀)つ (▼-▼*)
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