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Finally decided to Introduce myself


The Autistic Otter
For those of you who've seen me around (usually the rp forum) you'd know a bit about me. For those of you who don't, I'm abyssalrider. My fursona was previously a Dragonhound (dragon-wolf hybrid) now it is a Tiger-Wolf hybrid with wings. Both my fursona and I share interests in archery, hiking, swimming, martial arts (practice Kyokushin for those who are curious) and swordsmanship. My fursona would have two different colored eyes to match mine, but I couldn't get the creator I made it in to do different colored eyes. (both are green, but the left is a lighter shade than the right one) I also enjoy video games, rp'ing, and helping others who I feel need or deserve it. Those i've already talked to about or who have seen my posts about my school career, know I'm not a fan of talking about it, but if you're curious I might answer if you send me a pm. I'm autistic (asperger's), adhd, ocd, and have tourette's. (all professionally diagnosed) I am 23 years old next saturday, and joined the community/fandom (specifically this forum first) in July. Took me a while to realize I was basically a furry already before I joined, I had a couple friends in it but didn't know what they were until the last year. (prior to that I had the same misconceptions about it as most others do) I happen to be a therian, specifically with regards to canines. As I've always had an easy time training and getting along with dogs, felt like I was missing a limb I did/should have (specifically a tail) and could never get used to sitting or standing with my back fully against a wall or other object like a chair. (felt like the tail I obviously don't have was getting crushed) I never noticed how many of my game characters have animal-like appearances or were animals themselves until after I joined the community. (over 90% for those of you who are curious) So I guess I always was a furry and just never noticed or realized it until I decided to look into them and join the community.
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Well hello Abyssal. I am Okami No Heishi, a wolf soldier. Nice to meet you!