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Finetune Friends/Watching/Specifics


The Deemin
Hey, hey. I love my friends, but I'm not into everything they post, and I hate seeing notifications that I'm only going to delete without looking at or reading. (OCD, it kept me from even watching ANY of my friends at all for the longest time.) I think it would be great to choose the things I do and don't want to see from them. On deviantart, when you watch another user, you can either mark them as a friend (or not), or only watch their main gallery, scraps, journals, or whatever combination of these things you please. The other person doesn't know (and therefore won't feel sad) if you don't want to see all of their journals, or if you want to mute them for a few months while they're going through a fandom/phase that drives you nuts. I'm so close to removing some of my friends from my Watchlist, and I really don't want to have to go that far, but (if you are unaware) OCD is a freakin' nightmare. And I'm sure there are plenty of people watching me who are sick of seeing the same boring stuff of lessening quality trickle out of my exhausted gallery. I'd be fine with letting them tune me out without having to cut me out.

If this becomes a thing, there ought to also be a few options on how your "Friends" are displayed. You should be able to choose if someone is shown as a friend, or simply someone you watch, and you should be able to choose if your Friendlist, your Mutuals, and your Watchlist are public or private.