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Simulated Anthropomorphic Feline Intelligence

Mozilla just made an announcement that they're doing a redesign of the Firefox brand...

Firefox: The Evolution Of A Brand – Mozilla Open Design

Any thoughts?


Simulated Anthropomorphic Feline Intelligence

I'm just a little salty they didn't go with the new fox idea... of course maybe that's just because I'm a biased furry... it does kind of make sense why they went with the swirl instead. Much better brand recognition


To be honest, I don't really like the new Re-Branding that Mozilla is doing. The old Mozilla Firefox Logo was completely fine when Quantum was released. They should've gave the current Logo a few more Years.

Italo Fox

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Now that they have brand recognition, the simpler design works better when it's down-scaled as an icon.

One thing I will mention is that the Send / Monitor / Lockwise designs look like an afterthought. If it wasn't for the Firefox colors, they would come off as extremely generic.


Fascist Dictator

I'm just surprised Mozilla Open Design is still going on.

And also really glad to know they didn't go with Mozilla, Inc


Not sure how I feel about all the safe design choices I'm seeing, but it isn't my work being put up for show.


Also not sure about the thought behind this pointy mushroom.