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Fireswift the Bat [AUCTION] [front, back and side view inluded]


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Fireswift is a curious, bold and frisky bat. Tricks and fun is what she lives for. Though, she is easy to get on with and never boring to talk to.
(You can change her name and personality, it is just what I was thinking about while drawing her)
Winning the auction you get fullsized Fireswift with and without background files, clear lineart and greyscale version.
AB also provides you a reference sheet with text, name and a some details you'd like to add.
Buying any of my adopts you'll get special discounts for commissions with this adopt

~SB: $40
~AB $80
~Min increase $2

1. No tracing, steeling, copying the design etc
2. No commercial use; do not sell for more than you baught
3. To bid reply to the current highest bid comment

4. If the bids are lower than $60 the auction will be closed NOVEMBER,16; if the bids are $60 and higher the auction closes 24 hours after the last bid; AB closes the auction immediately

5. After you won the auction I will send you a note with paying info
6. If the winner doesn't reply for more than 24 hours, the auction opens again or the owner of the previous bid wins if he is still interested
7. No holds for more than 2 days. BID ONLY IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT

8. Work with PayPal only