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Critique: First attempt making a suit


New Member
So, Im trying to do my first suit... Watched many tutorials and am aiming for a slim digitigrade (I know its complicated and its my first attempt but I wanna try and Im doing all the suit in pieces -feet, legs, torso, tail, arms, hands, head...- so If something doesnt work I can Just make It into a partial...)

I wanna know If I should make It super polished before going into the silver tape step and then to the furring...

I'm trying something a little different for the feet because I didnt want to ruin any shoes so Im trying to make It on a sock...

Is It too bad? Will It work ? >< Please be honest without crushing my already low and feagile self-steem?


Rara for short :)
It looks nice so far (I could tell better with a picture from the side).

One thing though: digitigade means on the toes, so making a longer foot doesn't work IMO.

And yes, smoothing it up as much as possible before taping and furring will give much better results.


aka Cutter Cat
I agree with @Ramona Rat in that you don't want you foot to look too long.

Of course, having the foam as smooth as possible would be "ideal", but not really necessary in practice. The fur has a smoothing tendency when applied and compensates for small sins in my experience. I have tried to put subltle changes in coutour in the foam and they tend to disappear.