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First exposure to furry?



My first exposure to furry characters was Disney's robin hood followed by Lion King when I was 6 or so. Then came the Redwall series when I was 12 and that's when I started doing furry art. Wasn't till I was 16 or 17 that I discovered the community.

OMG REDWALL. That was my FAVORITE book series when I was younger!!!! <3 <3


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Star fox adventures lol it was such a shit game but i liked the art style....that game was such trash


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My first exposure to a furry was at a Star Trek convention at the Providence, RI Omni-Biltmore hotel in 1991. I had no idea why they were dressed as Usagi Yojimbo or who that even was. It wasn't until much later I learned who they'd been cosplaying. I wish I had a pic of it. Didn't know there was a name for it until I first went online in 2001. The first furry pic I ever saw online was a piece by Doug Winger. Took half an hour to download but boy was it worth it hehe.


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i think it was some post on social media of how someone got attacked in a gas station by a fursuiter??? lol, it was obviously fake though. my first positive exposure was when i stumbled across some pictures of fursuiters online!


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Aisha Clan Clan from Outlaw star.... One of the first cat girls id ever come across.


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First exposure to the furry fandom was in August 2004. I was searching for dragons randomly and stumbled upon VCLart. Needless to say, that was my personal big bang.


I played sly cooper and the thievius raccoonus before knowing about this fandom.


12 years old, strange anime, then an ex that constantly wore fur.

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I wore a tail because I liked it. My aunt (who had only heard of the sexual side of the fandom) asked me if I was a furry. I had never heard of a furry until then. I looked it up after that, found furry art and writing, and discovered that there was a community for people who liked animal-themed art. Shortly afterward I began sitting in furry chats and observing the interactions of the community at large. After around five years of sitting in the shadows and occasionally making my own art and stories, I decided it was time to join a website exclusive to furs: Furaffinity. That is how I became part of the community.


Weretigers were my first exposure to furry. Searching the web for tiger pics, I found quite the... eye-pleasing weretigers and then wanted more and more.

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When I was 7 I got my first bite of a freshly picked peach. Best thing I ever tasted during that time.


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Not sure what my first exposure was, because I've always been surrounded by rather furry stuff, like cereal mascots, cartoons etc, but what did get me find the furry fandom were the Sly Cooper series.


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About 9 months ago I saw some murrsuiters on the top weirdest fetishes list and I thought they were kinda kinky
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My first true exposure to furry was the Looney Toons and Mickey Mouse and his friends, but the furry culture as a fandom, would be when I was around 14 I think? When I got really into Sonic again and found out about others who loved the franchise and got into creating original stories and such.

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I'm not sure when I first came across the concept of a furry, but anthro characters have been with my most of my life it seems. Being a child of the 90s they were everywhere and all over cartoons.


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More or less, this. It was actually pretty popular at school when I was a wee lass.
...Man, I think a lot of my class must've had very awkward puberty talks, considering the timing.


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I've always liked anthro animal characters, and I think I've always been surrounded by media that contained them
As for the furry fandom I think I knew about them just as early even if I didn't know their formal name...
The first time I came across their normal name was embarrassingly enough, 99redyoshi during one of his let's plays on youtube when I didn't have headphones and listened with speakers. He was defending a friend who was a furry. Tried to keep the audio quiet so only I could hear it, until my brother heard somehow, ran over and told me not to watch him again.
I didn't know what the taboo about furries was at the time but because of how he acted I wasn't sure I wanted to know. So I remained unaware of their dirty undercurrents. But I was still interested and curious, so I eventually found more furry content online and observed the people who liked and didn't like furry content. Mind you, I only did this passively. And I got headphones.
It wasn't until recently that I found what I wanted and went for it. Always been a fan of dragons though they've been missing a few qualities I wanted. That's how I made my fursona.
That's my story.


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Lexington was gay, according to canon!

(God, if there's any show I'd wish they'd reboot, it's Gargoyles.)


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My first exposure was by someone I dated back in '12. Needless to say, it was a horrid experience, considering that was also my first exposure to the concept of what a yiffer was. Previous to that, I think SplashKittyArtist's old stuff from like 2010 was the first time I saw the stuff, but it wasn't considered 'furry' despite it involving a cat. I suppose because it was purely Youtube animation sort of stuff. I had a sona back then, though I didn't call it a sona, to represent me that I just considered a mascot for stuff on youtube, too. I guess I was a fur before even knowing what a furry was.