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First fox head critique?


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wow I don't know a lot about fursuit construction but that looks great


the forehead needs some work, it's hard to tell on the profile since it's not a true 'profile' the camera si shooting down at the head.

but it looks like you could smooth out the muzzle to cheek area
It looks very good, a lot better then most people's first try! Be sure to use good fur, and shave it around the face if it's to long.


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I don't Fursuit, but it looks really good so far.


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Well, its only made of foam, what about temperature inside? We have used small grating for more than half of head.


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Woah that's looking really good, I don't make fursuits (yet) but I've been doing a lot of re-search. Would agree that you could maybe bring the brows forward a little bit, but honestly I'm just being a bit nitpicky!