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First Fursona Introduction/Art Request


New Member
Hi everyone, I'm kinda new to this whole furry thingy so...Hi again you can call me Hux and im 19 years old, I'm looking for someone to draw my avatar/fursona/something like that (again new to this fandom and still lerning new thing).
So about my fursona, he's a gray shark, with a long(ish?) dark hair and dark eyes . He's quite tall and usually wears leather jacket (and dark shirt under it), dark loose jeans and sneakers/heavy boots. His right hand is matt silver cybernetic, infact he's a cyborg, his body has some wear and tear so you can see metal parts peeking through (right eye is permanetly broken gives a slight blue glow). Personality wise, he's straight, quite calm and usually looks quite tired/bored, sure he can have fun and be a party freak but only with a people(?) he knows well and feels comfortable around. His job is fixing stuff in general, spaceships, computers, cars, weapons etc.
So that was a basic and quite chaotic introduction of my fursona. Now to the request part, currently i can't pay for it (driving licence, saving for a car, and company i work for is still in start up phase so...i get paid very little) what i ask for is something like this "introduction chart"(?) you know, fron view rear view side view and color chart. Since i can't draw anything i get will be better than what i would do...

thanks in advance


You should probably go to the art section of the forums for that, I would offer to draw for you but I suck :p so yeah, but you'll get a lot more responses if you post this in the art section