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First Fursona/OC concept


I made a "textual reference" last night for a possible fursona and I decided to see what some of you guys thought and if you have some suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Sparky (feral) Textual ref sheet
General Info:
Name: Sparky
Spices: Iron Fang Wolf
Gender: Male
Age: 91 (Young adult for his spices)
Personality: Dark, Crude, Calculating, Secretive, Logical.
Likes: Being Alone, Machinery, Heavy Metal Music, Computers
Dislikes: Religion

Physical Appearance:
Fur: Rust red with very small, thin gold streaks though out body, Streaks tapper off toward the lower part of legs, and stop at the base of tail. Tail has silver circuit traces that run from the base to the tip of tail, traces same color as teeth.
Eyes: Right eye is orange, Left eye is a deep blue.
Nose: Normal Wolf nose but the same gold color as streaks.
Mouth: Teeth and fangs are made of polished, sharpened stainless steel and are a bright silver color. Tongue is a carbon black color. Fangs are long and poke out even when mouth is closed.
Paw Pads/claw: Normal Wolf paw pads but the same color as teeth/fangs, Claws are the same color as paw pads.
Ears: Normal wolf ears but with longer pointy tips. Outside of ears is same color as body with gold streaks. Hair/fur inside of ears is same gold color as streaks.
Accessories: A pair of welding goggles that with frames made from Tarnished brass gears same color as streaks but with darker and lighter spots, goggles sit atop head, goggles also have a brown leather head strap. Right ear has three silver rings towards the tip.


And what does he do? Is he a rouge, a warrior, an engineer, a welder?
The heterochromia is a little cliche but the rest sounds good. He appears to be an antihero, that is bitter with society. Am I correct?

You would probibly get more feedback if you placed your thred here https://forums.furaffinity.net/forums/61-Fursona-Personas