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First Fursuit design UNUSUAL SPECIES advice??


New Member

Hey guys! I'm thinking about using this design to make my first suit. Soleil the Moth Dragon. I know the design is a bit unusual so I was wondering if anyone had any advice for possible pitfalls I might encounter with the design? I have never made a suit before but I have done sewing and crafting before including puppetry. However I'm not very familiar with working with foam.

I'm thinking about using this method to carve the foam so it is a more contiguous shape rather than making the muzzle/cheeks/brows separately.
Does that seem doable?

Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated!


aka Cutter Cat
I wouldn't worry too much about having perfectly smooth foam. If you use a pair of scissors and make tiny cuts, they smooth out after you put on the fur. If you really want advice, I have made some posts in here somewhere on how I put a suit together. If you can't find them, I guess I can spend a half hour and retype them all up. lol