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First Fursuit Tail: Felt?


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Hi everyone!

I've moved towards trying to sew together my first fursuit tail (yay!) and I'm analyzing all the options. Been thinking about experimenting with using felt for the fursuit tail? I can't seem to find anything at all about folks using this material and I'm sure someone out there knows something I don't!

The appeal of felt to me is that it is somewhat eco-friendly and I could experiment with a more rustic/plush look. Whether it will go well? I have no idea. :eek:

Anyone out there with some thoughts or experience to share? Am I just completely off the mark, or is it worth trying? Thanks in advance!


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I think that for a more crafty looking tail, felt might work, I’d recommend maybe using fleece or minky (is that what it’s called??) if the crafty look is not what you’re looking for, but you still want it to be cheap.


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Thanks for the input, everyone! I hadn't seen yarn tails before - I'm surprised by the color gradients I see on some! These look like they'd be fun to make. It's definitely on my project list to try now.

For my current tail project, I'm going with a faux fur and patterned minky fabric, since it seemed the best combination for this character's markings.


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Felt has a tendency to make little "pills" of fabric that look bad after use. I wouldn't recommend felt. Even inexpensive fur would be better and it's much easier to work with.