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first head 98% complete- need help with replaceable eyes


*squeak squeak squeak*



She's a foxcoon (fox/raccoon hybrid)
balaclava based, entirely handsewn seams, still need the buckram eyes put in, as well as felt lips and eyelids and sculpey teeth and some final shaving.
i got the nose and tongue from DVC
im trying to figure out how I can make the buckram eyes replaceable but still stay in well. I made a similar pair of eyes for my fursuit (which I did not make, I only changed the eyes), and when I did them I just glued the buckram to the inside of the mask against the frame of the eye. does anyone have any suggestions on how I could make the eyes on this one replaceable.

heres a link to my refurbishment of my bernese mountain dog suit with the eyes I just mentioned:

I'd also love general critique on anything from the design to the minute details.