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First headshot - critique, please?


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I have no idea why the image feature isn't working. Tried using both the fA link, the actual URL itself, and uploading from the computer. My apologies!

Anyways. Here's... I guess the start of a male canine character? I mostly want critique on the muzzle, I guess, and other anatomy. (I do need to rework the ears, I know. I spent years drawing ponies, so I'm going to have to re-learn for anthros xD) Actually, I feel like he's more bear-ish, but I want a dog. Any tips?


Use references of actual canines. A wolf's muzzle is long and thin, it's not big and round.That's why it looks bearish. Also practice your line weights, as they are very messy. Also please check the other threads and stickies in this area. There is a big sticky thread posted here about how to draw furries.


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Thank you! I'm terrible at linearts, definitely something to work on. I've read multiple tutorials in the sticky threads! c:


Fluffy as a shaggy carpet
Apart from referencing , you might want to practice gesture drawing.

draw circles , draw simple shapes, draw apples.

The point is just to improve on your hand's movements so that your lines are smooth and not all angular and jerky like the ones in this drawing.
You want to be able to draw in natural swooping motions and not in a jerky interrupted fashion.

ALSO remember , improvemnt happens OVER YEARS , not straight away , so don't give up if you don't see improvement right away.