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First Human Form Sketch... ever.


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www.furaffinity.net: Sketch - Body Builder 001 by Inmate_001

Ok, my first ever attempt at sketching the male form. 30 min. or less sketch attemp.

As stated in my description, I love critz. The longer, the harder, the... ehem... where was I? Oh yes, critz... Please don't be shy. I am looking to improve as much as I can. But please do realize in this, that I am a newb to the max... not a master artist by long... and uh.. far lol.

I do my art currently in Krita's free Desketop app, and I use a pencil brush for roughing in, and a gpen brush for finalizing. Sorry about it being a png file, but for some reason when saving as a jpg, with 0 compression and no smoothing it still pixelates the pencil very dramatically and I don't want to go for pixel art atm.

Human Male body builder, with no time spent on the neck or face... could have done better still but I was up against the clock heh.