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First real attempt to say hi!


Hello! So I’m not new on FA but surely this is the first time taking a bit more seriously. First time taking a step here on the introduction forums!

It’s funny because I created the account +1 year ago, but I wasn’t comfortable at all with how I draw Furry and Anthro which made me pretty introverted. Now that people ACTUALLY commission me and encourage me to do my best I really want to try to be more sociable, so hi there!

I leave here my most recent doodle. Hope to make it into a full artwork soon!
Characters (Left to right): Nyx (Adopted from Niji-Cho on FB), Betty / Bell (Adopted from Bell-corpse on FB!) and my Fursona. Since these two where adopted designs... I made them adopted children of my cow fursona haha


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Hello there! (Obi-Wan Kenobi) =)
Welcome! Introversion is fine, there’s a lot of introverts here, so don’t worry, you’re in good company with people who really aren’t the best at talking! Hope you have fun here!

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Hi & welcome to the forums! I must say... I like how your "doodle" looks so far. Very nice :3


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Hey! Welcome to the social part! I love your art style!!!!! Absolute beauty!


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I love your art! When will your commissions be open?


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A little late, but welcome to the forum.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.

I like the art style by the way.