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First time FC Dealer

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gryphon extrodinaire
Further Confusion is going to be my first major con that I'm going to be dealing at. It's only my third time as a dealer ever; my previous two cons being All Fur Fun and Rainfurrest.

I just wanted to plug my art in case anyone was interested. My table name is under "Ril Envy" studios, which is a merging of my studio, Raw Envy, and my mate's studio Ril Mor. Please stop by and say hi!

I won't be taking any full commissions at the con due to time constraints, and I'm so slow at sketching that I won't take sketchbooks, but I'd be happy to doodle things on card stock so I can mail out things I'm not able to finish at the con.

My art can be found here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/calypte

I could use any suggestions for things to sell, or prices to offer things at, or just things to think of. I always get so frantic when I'm at my table.
Not open for further replies.