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Step outside the comfort zone!
*Nervous inhale* (this post has been sitting for days)
So.. Hey everyone! Guess what, I'm having the guts to finally publish some of my artworks, aimed to improve my skills, get advice (if you have any, of course :3) and in general work towards my goals to become a full time artist, making professional illustration for both furries and fantasy creators. A second goal will be writing stories, aimed towards people who, like me, may struggle to step out of their comfort zone. At least, I'll try to.
My art style is a mix between toony and realistic and I range from soft and cute themes, to NSFW ones xD But! I hope to entertain you and learn something while pursuing my path :)
I often relate with small comics, but never had much time to really focus on them, or make them relatable to common situation. Well, enough of my rambling and more drawing!ù
These are my lastest works and experiment, one of which are properly censored.
The brown cat with blue hair was one of my timed practice using only two complementary colors (Had to revisit that a couple times due to the sweater being too bright for my taste), while the bunny was made for practicing the new AC characters.
Then we have a cartoon cat, a doodle of my sona (Sort of, I've never been able to draw a decent reference :" shame on me), a ballpen doodle that I'm quite proud of, more practice with foxes and ducks, a couple fanart.. And my lastest speedpaint from a photo reference. Yes, it's another cat. xD

So, have fun watching I guess :"
Yo! copia.png

Opera_senza_titolo 5 (1).jpg
Aaaa_Ballpen (1).jpg
Fox_Friend_3 (1).jpg
Guardian (1).jpg
Jevil (1).jpg
Ralsei_ (1).jpg


Step outside the comfort zone!
Finished my cat portrait :3 *yay* Say hello to Mia
I wanted to refine her a bit more, but I ran out of time. x)