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Five (yet more) things you do that I love


Long-time readers will be familiar with my running series, "five things you do that I love."

Today, I would like to share with you five more things you do that make me appreciate you, if I may. Thank you.

1.) Tell me when I've done something you don't like.

If something I've been doing has been bothering you, it validates our friendship to know that you'd tell me about it in a nice way rather than ignore it and let me continue to embarrass myself.

2.) Tell me real, actual things about your life, and ask me about mine.

As funny and clever as it is to let me know that:

(renard queenston) I'M PEEING IN MY FISHBOWL
(renard queenston) PISS ALL OVER THOSE FISH
(jeanclaudewastaken) Honest to blog?
(jeanclaudewastaken) Oh my dog.

I would much rather hear how your day or week is going! Especially if I've been talking to you for a long time, it's nice to know something about your life rather than just banter every day.

And please ask me about mine! I like to know that you care. :'3

3.) Say good things about my friends.

Fighting with my friends only makes it harder for us to get along; as much as we are separate people, it makes me sad when you have negative things to say about people who are close to me.

If you ever see them around, tell me something good about them, or let it be without saying anything at all.

4.) Apologize if you've said something you regret.

While I'm not always successful, I try to make sure I apologize if I've said something I shouldn't have said. If you at least acknowledge that you might have done something hurtful, or that you could have said something another way, it lets me know that you care about my feelings, even if you don't feel that you were in the wrong.

5.) Let me ess your friends' dees.

This one should go without saying. Preferably, all at the same time. :3c


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5.) Let me ess your friends' dees.

This one should go without saying. Preferably, all at the same time. :3c

I don't get it.


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What the shit is all this?


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