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(Base/YCH) Selling: Flash sale! Frenky base customs! [$15+]


❤Real Life Magical Girl❤
Hello everyone! In an effort to get comfortable with some brushes I've been toying around with, I've decided to open up some customs done on Frenky's lovely base for a day or two! They'll be $15 per, through paypal.

Since I'll mostly be doing these to mess around with brushes, I'd prefer it if you already had something like a hairstyle and fur patterns in mind, although I can work off of aesthetics and style preferences alone as well :>

Below are examples of how the customs will look!:

Breasts can be added to the base, and if the commissioner is 18+ I'll be more than happy to provide a NSFW version of the base with genital reference as well.

I'll even be throwing in a little chibi for most (if not all) of them, which will look like these, +1 outfit included (because they're reaaaaaally fun to do and I wanna thank those that indulge me with this flash sale lmao):

And if you're feeling especially generous/adventurous and add in extra to the payment, I'll draw a little something for you as thanks! The art will range from chibi to full body, and sketch to fully cleaned and colored work depending on the character in question/the additional amount added on top!

Below are some examples of my art:
www.furaffinity.net: Prize by DaemonSheep
sta.sh: Vegas2
sta.sh: Yukonomi bust
sta.sh: Moscow2

These customs will NOT be FCFS and I'll be picking those that I want to do, but I'm really not that picky at all. So long as the species and colors are within my comfort range, you should have a good chance of being picked! The base comes with a range of options, even some for lizard maw/tail/feet, bird beak, etc.

I probably won't be able to put a form together for the limited amount of time that I'll be doing these, so I ask for all those interested to have the base information for what they're interested in (like animal, preferred colors, etc...) ready beforehand so we can go from there.

If interested, please do drop a message here or DM me. You can even send me a note on my FA account, DaemonSheep! Thank you so much for reading!
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