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(Commission) Selling: ($50+) Flat-colored commission sale! 20% OFF [portrait|fullbody|halfbody|sketchpage]


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Слоты на комишки скидки.png

Due to the sanctions, payment is accepted only on Boosty (Russian equivalent of Patreon). But it's very easy! You won't even need to register. Your Google account will be enough for authorization. And payment can be made in the usual way using paypal.

How to pay via Boosty? Tutorial ©Ryukiro (FA)

For commission, you need:
References, requests for an order, an email to which files will be sent to you, your nickname on furafinity / twitter / deviantart, send me a note.

Priority and deadlines
● You can request for Your commission to have priority over others at an additional cost of approximately 15% of the commission’s total value.
● If you are a paid subscriber of my BOOSTY (Russian equivalent of Patreon) then you get priority in the queue.

● original characters
● original characters based on any fandom
● fandom character
*anthro, human/humanoids
● aliens, unique species
● fantasy creatures
● characters with mechanical parts (cyborgs)
● fruit gore
● aestheticly themed gore
● pregnancy aesthetic
● any gender
● any sexual orientation
● SFW/NSFW nudity
● erotic/fansirvice themes
● explicit sexualy themes (sex scenes, genitalia close-ups)

● realistic style
● imitation of any other artist's style
● offencive themes (any sort of discrimination, religion themes, positivity forward nazis, sexism, rasism, etc.)
● coprophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, vomit, diapers
● extreme violence
● any other theme that may be out of my comfort zone
ask me if your therme is not listed here

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