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Hello there!

I have a few adopts that haven’t sold yet, so I figured I’d post them here and try my luck. I be willing to haggle on some since they haven’t sold in months, so if you want to make me an offer, feel free!

You can check out my FA account here, and ready my adoptable policies at the bottom of this thread.

First Deer Adopts



3. $25
5. (Custom) Starting at $45

Space Deer



2. $20
4. $20

Space Deer Round Two!



1. $20

Eerie Deer



1. $25
4. $35

Sporty and Cozy Cats


1. OTA (my only OTA design, he comes with a fursuit refsheet that can be previewed here)
2. $35
4. $25

Double Adopts



1. $45
2. $40

★ Rules ★
I only take USD sent by means of PayPal.
I probably won't do holds, but you can always ask!
Adopts can be gifted, traded, or sold, but please don’t sell the adopt for more than you bought it for unless you’ve commissioned/drawn additional art pieces for it.
Always make sure I am credited as the designer and artist of the adopt! If you’re uploading the character to toyhou.se you can credit me there. Here’s my account!
Once bought, the character is yours, so name, gender, personality, and any other details are up to you!

What you get when you purchase an adopt
A fullsize, unwatermarked PNG of the design with a transparent background, with both a shaded and unshaded version. Human adopts only come clothed and will only come with unshaded files per request.

Thanks for taking a look!