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Flip-Flops: Poll

What's your feelings about flip-flops?

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Some people love them, others hate them: what's you're take on these noisy summer sandals?

Me, I find them horrifying; the look, the sound, the uncomfortable feeling of that strap wedged between your toes. When I become Supreme Ruler, they shall be banned, and a fine imposed of $10,000 on anyone caught wearing them, as well as a 10 year prison sentence, with hard labor.

But perhaps others differ.

And you?


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I hate them. Wearing them, especially when they're wet, is annoying in both feeling and sound. You also constantly trip. As for other people, the noise of "slap-slap-slap" sticks in your head for the entire summer.

Sandals are a lot better since they protect your feet better and stay on, even when you're in water!


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I freaking LOVE having them on during the summer. It's almost all I have on my feet. X3
I just love the air and freedom feel of them. I get so eager to put them on after winter.

I don't like the ones with the strap between the toe. They make my toes bleed. But I like the ones with the single band over the foot and padding on the bottom. Something like This.

Maybe those are sandals as Covius said. I never realize the difference. ^_^;


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Shoe, specifically neo-converse/vans, master race


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I live in the south. The only shoes I have by my front door are my work shoes, walking shoes, and a pair of flip flops. If it isn't raining and I'm not going far, I'll wear the flip flops all year long. If you're not wearing a cheap, squeaky pair and you know how to walk properly, they're not really any noisier than any other pair of shoes. *shrugs*


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I love to wear flipflops because I don't like having squished toes and I don't like the feel of socks. I wear them whenever possible but riding a bike and living in a place that gets 115 during the summer and burns through flipflops I usually have to wear sneakers. :/


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Well I don't really mind them, but they kinda rip my toes to pieces if they don't have a fabric strap and I prefer sandals anyway because they are comfortable and easy to wear :)
Good thing in the UK we only have 2/3 months of sun anyway :p


Neither aesthetic nor comfortable. I don't care if others wear them, I just don't want to wear them.


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Not really fond of flipflops. Don't like lose fit footwear in general and also they tend to give me blisters if I walk with them a lot, so I stay with my socks and sandals combo or barefoot

Ahkrin Descol

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As far as I'm concerned they're good for walking along the beach and nothing more, damn sight easier to get sand out of a flipflop than a shoe (and see if any's still in there prior to ruining some socks)


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Ones with the strap between the toes=hate them, the ones without those things=love them


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I'm not particularly a fan, and wouldn't wear them myself, but people can wear what they like - it's not my place to judge them based on what they choose to wear.

Frisco Corvinus

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I never quite got what the big deal about that is. Granted, you might as well wear shoes at that point, but why is it so upsetting?


I wear sandals. Not flip flops.

if it's a piece of foam with a plastic bit between your toes, its a flip-flop. If it's not, then it's a sandal. end of story.

my sandals I bought for $30 and they're all I ever wear unless I do yard work. they've lasted me 3 years so far, and they've shown no signs of wear. (they're made out of repurposed compressed tires) I walk miles as well.


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I was raised to believe that flip flops were evil, and their only purpose was to injure whoever wore them. After one brave attempt at wearing them, that theory was proven right. Don't wear 'em, they look stupid and they don't serve any function.
Flip flops make good shurikens. The Hispanic moms in my projects back in the day used to chuck them at their kids' heads with pinpoint accuracy!


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You can't take me alive! Or dead!

I love flipflops, I wear them from march to november and then boots. I know how to walk in them properly, so there's no huge sound. You might hear a soft tap-tap when I walk, but not THWAPTHWAPTHWAP like I hear a lot. UGH.

I'd fine people who refuse to walk in them right. Otherwise, meh.

@Zrcalo those sound rad!