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Flirt outrageously with the fur above you


Darn tootin'
Physics? Yeah, I can get.. physical. In private. Just the two of us. ;)


Canis Centuarus
You and I can travel from here to the edge of eternity, just take my hand and all of creation will be yours my love


Bad Fox
Would you mind giving me a private lesson in magic? Perhaps you could use your magic staff on me.


Warrior of the Sun
I don't know how to use magic, but I can teach you how to use a sword. I'll go easy on 'ya. : )


Bad Fox
Mind showing me how to put the sword into the scabbard?

sleepy kitty

oh no, it's that crazy cat :o
I've seen you spanking other furs and... not me. ♡ :3c


Bad Fox
It seems like we need to do something about that, now don’t we? Just lay across my lap and lift that tail.


That's a bit forward don't you think? Me personally, I like to do things from behind.

Deleted member 111470

Isn't that a coincidence? Me too, so let me position myself behind you.


Canis Centuarus
or the dragon can train you

Matt the Terrier

Swing the Mood! =3
Well. . .I certainly wouldn't mind being spirited away by you, my dear. Maybe scare up a little business between us?