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Name: Floppy's Story
Type: My little pony friendship is magic fanfic
Themes: Slice of life, Grimdark and gore (only dark at end)

Description: Floppy is a new pony in town but is she really cut out for this? Will she ever find her place here in Ponyville? We will see...

Critique wanted: pretty much anything im very new to writing but please read a few chapters in coz I have a long build up.

Artist comments: DON'T LET THE FIRST COUPLE CHAPTERS FOOL YOU! I posted this on a mlp fanfic website and I instantly got comments saying my character was a mary sue despite that being a character which is over powered when that it literally the opposite point made in this fiction. I don't mind critique on anything coz I am new to writing but please make sure to at least read a couple chapters in before making judgement coz it suddenly changes from the beginning which is important.

You see, I kinda like having ironic plots to things where i take the cannon story and kinda twist it around a bit which is what i did here. therefore most of my stories start slow and just rewrites of the fandom its from and then it evolves as it goes along. I like this concept of writing but unfortunately people tend to judge too quickly. I am definitely a noob writer though don't get me wrong. I am also autistic and slightly dyslexic so please bare with me in some places. I want to learn more but I'm aware some things might be unchangeable for me.

Link to chapter one below but there is a folder with them all in my gallery to.
www.furaffinity.net: My Little Pony: Floppy's Story - Chapter 1 by FloppyPony