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Flowerdogs fursuits to be made



I purchased these designs (Art done by Scrii) with the intention of making them into fursuits this year. Now, I can do them as pre-mades, of course, but before I do I thought I would open them up to be a commission. That way, it will be made to fit you. Due to their complex designs, if I go the pre-made route, there won't be much chance of altering them for size after the fact.

What I'd like is to find two people who would like to have 'sister' suits made and purchase these, so they will have the same style. I am planning on doing these as plantigrade suits, with toony (Follow me) eyes. I am willing to do them as digitigrade as well. The markings will all be hand sewn and the flowers will have wire in them to allow them to be molded and flattened when not in use, for travel/convenience. And the large flower removable, again, for storage.

Prices will run at $2,000 USD each, not including shipping. There is a good chance I may be able to deliver at Anthrocon this year. Any questions, feel free to ask! For samples and my terms/policies, please see my website: http://www.i-m.mx/dreamerwolf/silverskystudio/