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(Commission) Selling: FluffGator's Artful Commissions! Paypal USD $15-100+ | 9 SLOTS AVAILABLE


Sushi Bar Destroyer

Fill out an application to claim and I'll respond within 1-2 days if it's accepted.
Refer here to see how many of each slot type I still have available.

If you're interested in my work or commissioning me, but not able to do so at this time, feel free to submit your email address to my Mailing List.
You'll be notified whenever I have slots open in the future or have YCH sales.


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You can call me Inky. I'm a short, demiromantic, trash mammal with anxiety that currently calls Portland, OR home.
I'm a freelance digital artist that specializes in illustrating characters, ranging from human to anthro/furry and dragons too, using a painterly semi-realistic art style.
I'm also open to NSFW themes; please refer here for specifics on what I will/won't draw.

Here's some cropped image examples with price tags and slot status for the different types of commissions I currently have on offer.
For more detailed information and many more examples of past work, please refer to my Trello board; each banner links to their respective card on my board.

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