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Fluffgator's YCH Auctions [Current SB @ $70] [affordable & vibrant]


Sushi Bar Destroyer
This thread will regularly change to reflect my current/past auctions.

- Open YCHs -

- Your character will be added where the placeholder is.
- Species, body type, expression, and clothing can be changed to fit the character.
- No outstretched wings or other large details that would largely obscure the scene; occasional exceptions.
- The background is being sold as-is with no major changes.

- For the first bidder, please reply to my 'bid here' comment on the submission.
- Other bids please reply to the highest bidder.
- Do not bid if you cannot pay within 24 hours of invoicing.
- Paypal USD only; once the auction ends I will ask you to note me your paypal and I will send the invoice. Please be ready to pay.
- Payment must be made within 24 hours of the auction ending, if payment is not received within that time period, the next highest bidder will be the winner instead.
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