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Lobie the Cartoonist
So, I've begun work on my first fursuit head, and I love it SO MUCH. :D The process is very fun and exciting, and I'm already learning so much. Since I would like to make another in the future, I wanted to get some advice so that the next one can be better. Here's what I have so far:

(i would've done some more work on it before posting this, but i ran out of glue lmao)
As you can probably tell, the base is super bumpy. This is because I glued on a lot of the the parts in pieces and scraps rather than bigger chunks of foam. I'm having a lot of trouble smoothing it out, so I want to be careful not to make the same mistake next time. :oops:

I'm not really sure how, though, especially in regards to his cheeks. Pippi's cheeks are very round and fat, so it's hard to get a smooth, round shape without doing a bunch of gluing and trimming.
How can I make this process easier next time? Do I buy thicker foam? Could I buy half-round foam pieces to build off of? Maybe use stuffing instead? If you guys know what methods are best, please share. :)


Rara for short :)
A good way to make it look smoother is to do this:


Simply run your scisors across the surface while opening and closing them, while applying only mild pressure. Though as Jopossum said, if you're putting fur over is it doesn't have to be perfectly smooth, though if you want to put on really thin fur or another type of fabric (for furless animals) smoother is definetly better)

It's better do do this inside a bag or over a bowl if you don't want to have tiny bits of foam all over the place!