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Would you make use of favorites folders?

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Freelance Baguette
Could this be a feature we see any time soon?
I often use this feature on DA, as I can separate tutorials, inspirational art, gift art, etc. so I can easily come back to my favorites if I ever need them. However, here I often try to only favorite things I REALLY enjoy, because otherwise I could be sifting through several pages of favorites just to find something I was looking for.

I observe frequently, too, that people on DA would put my art into their favorites categories like "Cute girls!" "Anime" "Anatomy" etc., so folder functions could work for a variety of purposes.

Thank you for reading! ^^


I will deliver the explosion
Oh yes this would be very nice! I'd love to be able to sort by artist, as well as have tutorials or similar available in a single spot. Good idea!

Jakey Fur

New Member
This would be sooooo useful. Especially as I make use of other peoples bases and would like to keep them in one separate place from the other things I like.