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For a Full body digital art

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Hey there! So I'm constructing a new original character sona of mine and I'm looking for an Artist who'd be up to the task.

I will be happy to provide all the info and references you need and to answer any questions on the character

What am I looking for? I want a semi-realistic look. My character would be an Anthro Canine

I'm looking to pay 20USD or a little over for it. (via paypal) I'm also in no rush at all and quite patient so I have no problem with waiting :3

My FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/cometfennec/


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Semi-realistic, yeah, that's my style "D
http://fav.me/d633wg1 - 20-25$ for full body in this style.
http://fav.me/d63qt3y - this is slightly cartoonish , would be 15$ for full body without any bg, but I think it's not style for bgs <d
http://fav.me/d5udqum - coloured&shaded sketch, 8$ for full body
For 20$ I can also do full body watercolour (no bg) though I know you're interested in digital art xD'
If interested, note me on FA or dA.


My semirealistic pieces usually cost 40$ to 50$

However I'm offering discounts (celebrating my fisrt 1000 watchers in DA).

So te price will be 25$ to 35$ (depending of complexity)

You can check some samples of my work here: http://sannamy.deviantart.com/gallery/ (Try on the "character fullbody", "Portraits", and "Fur Anthro" to see more related examples)

If you're intrested note me in FA or DA.

Thanks for your attention. ^^
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