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Foreign languages?

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Does a measly 9 weeks of chinese in 8th grade count? Our school wasn't big on foriegn languages, because everyone still seemed to be mastering english. (American school systems be damned!!)


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I'm currently learning Swedish.
Wonderful language it is. ^^


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Just enough Tagalog to talk to grandparents and 3 years of Japanese to understand half an Anime (difficult to keep up).

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Currently studying Japanese (1020) but I really wanna try to learn Welsh. ^^ Though sadly there is no where around that teaches Welsh and I'm not good at teaching myself.

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Learning japanese and whatnot, but none to great at it. the whole "Rosetta stone is fast and easy" is total bull, you still need an instructor when it comes to a completely different language with no roots to your own.


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Aside from English (duh), I also know Russian and enough Romanian to understand what's being said and babble incoherent BS back when required.

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Learning japanese and whatnot, but none to great at it. the whole "Rosetta stone is fast and easy" is total bull, you still need an instructor when it comes to a completely different language with no roots to your own.

Duh, everyone knows that :rolleyes: You can't suspect a computer program, to give you perfect dialect.


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I got an A in GCSE French...I'm not fluent, but I could haul myself through an conversation with someone (just about)
I had a feeble try at learning Japanese....so far I can say that I'm ill and about a dozen out of context words in a bad accent.......
I'll just stick to English I guess ^ ^


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I understand 3 languages: Spainish,German,and a little French.


Learning and still trying to figure out German. I love the language, I love the culture, I love the history, and I love the architecture of the country. I'd really lvoe to go tehre someday and i'd really like to respect the roots by learning the language itself. Though it's rather choppy, I think it's a beautiful language with alot of passion.

Aside from that I took 2 years of Spanish in High School, can't remember most of it now for the life of me.


My native language is spanish. I'm very fluent in english (passed the Cambridge "Preliminary English Test" and "First Certificate" with almost perfect score) and I speak some German (I managed to get certified as an advanced speaker -meaning I won't have to take a test if I wan't to get a degree in a German university-) but I've forgotten some of it. Right now I'm trying to practice every day, though.

My next goals are latin (extremely handy in law school, the Chilean law system is based on the old Roman and Catholic ones) and Chinese (but I'm too busy with University at the time, so I can't take any more classes).



Speak some Spanish, but forgot alot after not taking it this year. Hope to take it again in college.


Portuguese, french, spanish, and a bit of german and italian.


I speak very little French... My native is English. I want to learn German, Russian, and Latin.


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I speak a bit of Spanish; my vocabulary is horrible, though, so I can't hold my own in a conversation.

I've been really lazily learning Japanese, too. I can count to 299 on a good day, introduce myself, and say that I am various things.


I was raised speaking French, but English is pretty much second nature. Most people are surprised when I tell them english is my second language, is that good?:p I can stumble my way through a conversation in Spanish, but that's about it.:)


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Basic French, Spanish and German. I wish I'd taken the time to learn them better, I suppose I could take classes now but it's always better to learn a langauge when you're a kid.

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I speak English and German but I can also speak a little bit of Spanish, French, and Japanese. Not to much on the last three just enough to get ma by. =)


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I love languages.

I'm in the process of learning Dutch. By this time next year, hopefully I'll be near-fluent, judging by the rate at which I'm able to pick things up. Of course, it's much easier to learn a language when you're constantly surrounded by it every day. c:

Once I feel more comfortable with Dutch, I'm interested in picking up German and possibly a Nordic language (I particularly like Finnish and Norwegian).
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