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Forgotten Worlds (DnD-Style) RP - OPEN TO ADVENTURERS

Crayons Are Snacks

Where the heck am I?
The market continues onward as though nothing unusual has happened. No carnage, no disturbances, no scuffle.
Suddenly, a voice comes from up above:

"AHA! There you are you MORON!"

Before you even have time to look up to where the voice came from, an old man lands on Oliver, tackling him down to the floor and pinning him with a knee. He is incredibly strong despite his age, and there is an inferno in his eyes. He looks like the type of person you don't want to piss off.
Through gritted teeth he snarls,

1651675176503.png "You thought you'd get away with it this time, eh? STUPID fool! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?"

His weather-worn face is contorted in anger. He grabs Oliver's top and bottom jaws, yanking them apart almost too far to stretch.


What do you do?


heeheehee HAHAHAHA!
Oh God he's gonna kill him.
Looking around the market and realizing help isn't coming, Pepper sighs and swiftly throws his hair up in a ponytail.
He knows he can't defeat this guy, his only hope is to give Oliver an opportunity. And he does.

Finding a brick in the street, pepper scrambles down the street to pick it up.

"Hey asshole!"
Pepper growls as he jumps into view and hurls the brick at Oliver's attacker.

The brick smashes into the shoulder of the old man.

"Ollie get him!" He barks, scrambling for more things to throw.

Firuthi Dragovic

World Serpent, overly defensive
Of course someone had to have followed them through! This was the worst time to have to get into a scuffle.

Oliver tried to speak, but his jaws were being yanked. He had to think of something.

Wait... he was already in ice mode. Perfect.

The moment he got an opening, he put his hands on the old man's hands, channeling ice through them. His intent was to freeze the old man's hands so they could no longer get a grip on his jaws, at which point he'd free his mouth.

If he could get his mouth free, the thing he wanted to tell the old man was the following:

"Did you not see the giant frog? We've been chasing after the giant frog that actually took her! You might have just cost us the trail by attacking me!"

Crayons Are Snacks

Where the heck am I?
The old man winces at the impact of the brick on his shoulder, but this doesn't deter him from attacking Oliver. In fact, it only makes him angrier.

But the fight in him is short-lived. Suddenly, ice begins to creep up the man's fingers. He pulls his hands away in surprise, freeing Oliver's mouth from his grasp. He falls back onto his rear, anger turning to surprise, then confusion.
As he feels the bite of the cold on his hands, he looks back and forth between Oliver and Pepper:

1651704950824.png"Ice? You've never been able to use - Olloch almighty... You're not-"

Realization washes over the old man's face, calming his anger.

1651704950824.png "You're not... him."

Firuthi Dragovic

World Serpent, overly defensive
"Go ahead. Tell us who you mistook me for. Don't worry, your hands should recover in no time."

Oliver massaged his sore jaws.

"I'm Oliver, and that's Pepper. We're on the trail of a giant frog that kidnapped someone. And I was all set to help Pepper adjust before you arrived."


heeheehee HAHAHAHA!
"That's Pepper" He hears Oliver say.

Noticing the fight is over, his heavy breathing starts to soften.
He throws his hand up in greeting.
"Sorry... about the brick."

As he notices the old man's icy hands Pepper decides to save that question for later as he strolls up to Oliver.

"Hey man are you alright?" He leaves the old man diplomacy to Oliver, not wanting to interrupt... or make him any angrier.

Crayons Are Snacks

Where the heck am I?
The old man stands, straightens himself out and brushes the dust off of his backside.
1651724381729.png "Actually, I believed that you WERE the giant frog. He has a nasty habit of changing his shape, you see. Anyway, I suppose I do owe you an apology and a bit of an explanation. Do either of you drink?"

His demeanor has softened considerably, but his face doesn't change much. The brow and lip of his battle-hardened face seem to rest in a permanent scowl. He huffs in spite of himself, examining the backs of his hands with intrigue as they begin to thaw.

Firuthi Dragovic

World Serpent, overly defensive
"Interesting. I don't think he'd change shape with someone in his mouth, but I have to wonder how many more cases of mistaken identity happened because of that."

Oliver finally stood up.

"I may be a bit of a lightweight, but I'll take you up on the drink. Might also be a good chance to get Pepper used to his new surroundings."

Crayons Are Snacks

Where the heck am I?
The old man looks at Pepper.

1651760505171.png "New surroundings? You mean to tell me he's not from here? Hell's bells... I definitely need a drink. Follow me and try not to make eye contact with any of the merchants on the way. They can smell a sucker from a mile away."

He heads out of the alleyway into the open market.

Firuthi Dragovic

World Serpent, overly defensive
Oliver focused and let his scales shift. They now assumed a fiery red color. Red was a much more common dragon color than blue, Oliver figured that gave him the best chance to blend in.

He followed the old man, motioning to Pepper to follow.


heeheehee HAHAHAHA!
“The frog can change shape? Well that makes this a lot more complicated.”

Dusting off his hands, he joins the conversation.

“I can drink, I’m not sure what’s good here so I guess I’ll just get what you’re having.”

Oliver and the man begin to walk off, at the sight of Oliver’s inviting gesture Pepper jogs to catch up.

“Hey, sir, you spoke like you knew that woman. The one who was taken, who was she?”

Firuthi Dragovic

World Serpent, overly defensive
"I think we're going to find that out once we sit down for a drink."

Oliver glanced between Pepper and the old man.

"There's a lot of other things that need explaining, Pepper. I can go ahead with one of them - the whole scale color thing. I'm part prism dragon. They're not one of the more common kinds... they can't change their body structure but they can change the color of their scales. The full implications of it... I don't want to go over those in a crowded area."