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Forum Prediction


I'm not always much of a chat or forum person. I came here from time to time before the site was down, and I'll probably keep coming here in small doses :]

This is what I do when I'm bored and have nothing better to do.


Wants More Wenches and Mead
Only reason I come to the forums is to check up on sight downtime usually, though I did decide to venture to other parts of the forum for the hell of it.

So yes I think it will be a ghost town with furry skeletons and tumbleweeds wafting through these tubes X3

Baby Giraffe

C4 Bunneh!
I'll stay but my participation may go down. :p Talkin with you people here REALLY lightens my day XD


in color
Probably but I'll still be here I troll the main site. I'm much an artist and till they have categories for apps or for my UT3 maps I'm S.O.L.
i dont think that the forums will be left


Many Bad Puns Doth Apply
I'll continue to lurk and post when I feel like, but ultimately yes, I'm very firmly betting that the forums will become deserted. xP


back'n up back'n up
Well I joined when the site was already down but from all the talk I think less will use the forum when it's up and running again. I will always post here though cause I love this forum.:)


The Laconic Draconic
I like the forums, I'll probably hang around. I've gotten to know most of the major personalities around here, and I find them interesting, so I'll stick around.


Moment Killer
I'll hang around. I tend to stay under the radar and remain unnoticed by the masses, but I'll throw my two cents in on a major topic or two to see what happens. It's fun to watch the insanity that is the FA Forums! XD


100% organic vegan hubbas
I think the forums will become a better place with all the noobs out of town. Still praying for the mainsite to come back up. I've even done some bloody sacrifices to my evil god to give yak the strength necessary to code with the speed of ten nerds, plus two!
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