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Fox Glove The Corgi

Name: Fox Glove
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Species: Cardigan Corgi
Weight: about 200 lbs (fat fur)

- Hair and fur: Her hair is brunette, in the summer months it can be lighter and almost blonde. Her fur is a cream colored and yellowish tan.
- Markings: something like this with a spot that looks like africa or australia or something on her right arm and another spot just below her right buttcheek
- Eye color: brown
- Other features: Short and fat. Fluffy.
Behavior and Personality: Very playful, loyal, kind, somewhat childish, and loves food. However, she is also emotional, clingy, sometimes annoying, and can be brash and impulsive.

Skills: Can play moderate percussion. Good with kids. Fairly intelligent, good at writing.
Weaknesses: Slow, will sometimes play martyr when she's upset, somewhat sensitive and definitely too emotional sometimes, also kind of insecure.

Likes: Food, life, music, Of Montreal, Owl City, Pop stuff, musicals, sex, chubby ladies and guys
Dislikes: Judgmental people, cruelty, ignorance, violence, twiggies

History: She was raised in a house hold with two divorced parents, later on discovering that her father wasn't her biological father. She was bullied as a child at school and at home by her older brother, but nowadays she doesn't let things get to her as much. She discovered she was bisexual in the 7th grade when she fell in love with her best friend, and that didn't work out too well. Nowadays she's getting ready to graduate high school and she's good at impressing her teachers but not so much her peers. She looks forward to college.

Clothing/Personal Style: She has a collar that is maroon that has an orange heart tag on it, and there is also another necklace that has a solar cross with an amber stone placed in the middle of it. She'll wear these sometimes, and her general clothing style can range from colorful to wearing black a lot. She generally wears jeans and is a bit tomboyish. she also loves this hoodie

Goal: Love life and live it
Profession: Student
Personal quote: IDK lol
Theme song: Fireflies - Owl City
Birthdate: 11/05/1991
Star sign: Scorpio

Favorite food: Lots of things
Favorite drink: Tea
Favorite location: Colorado or Chicago
Favorite weather: Sunny with a breeze
Favorite color: Orange

Least liked food: Vegetarian pizza blech
Least liked drink: Energy drinks
Least liked location: Somewhere hot and muggy
Least liked weather: HOT AND MUGGY

Favorite person: Brandon!
Least liked person: Probably half the internet
Friends: Ratte, Shenzebo, Francis, Drakea, Maks, Enoki, I like these people :>
Enemies: Half the internet?
Significant other: Brandon the wolf doggie
Orientation: Bisexual but doesn't like dating women