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Foxes are the best animals.

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Two scoops of Fuzz
This makes me laugh, furries complain of non furries stereotyping them, yet furries stereotype themselves anyway "Oh look ALL foxes are horny bad trash"

I have known people with fox species and A: there are no sluttier than any other furry I have seen and B: I have known foxes who are not the stereotype.

I chose a Fox and I'm the absolute opposite of every furry/fox stereotype there is.


I would have to say anthro foxes are the coolest and hottest anthros around (meh, maybe tied with a wolf/husky anthro) but foxes are unique. If you don't think so then ask yourself this: If everyone on the planet could pick what animal they could be if everyone were to change into an animal, how many of them would choose a fox? Not many IMO, too many dog lovers, men who fantasize about a cock the size of a horses' and stuff like that. Foxes are unique in the sense that they are often overlooked but once you see them, they rock. Haha, remember starfox :cool:

Foxes are dime-a-dozen back stabbin' scumbags, like you!

Ow! No offense.


Heckler... you've been doin' too much coke. BACK TO REALITY, WEASELS ARE CLEARLY SUPERIOR.

Exhibit A:


Lurking in Castle Moats
Furries need to stop sterotyping other furries, they don't like it when non furrs sterotype them, yet furries seem more than happy to stereotype each other. I find that rather hypocritical of a lot of furries.

It's supposed to be a joke. Don't take this all too seriously.

Taren Fox

Foxes are best. They are sly, cunning, and so darn cute!


Steely-Eyed Rocket Guy
Fox are indeed charming creatures and they pounce with style, but I have met more coyotes in the wilds. They stop and listen as you address them where the fox may pause then keep going about his business.

Coyotes and Jackals fill a niche between Foxes and Wolves.;)
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