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How many of you guys out there miss this AWESOME T.V. sceries?

I heard they're gonna make a DVD of it...will you buy it?  I will XD

Favorite Quote:

*breath in* Well if it isn't-
What?  I was just gonna say-
Don't Say It!
Don't say what?
Don't say his name!
You mean don't say...Candle Jack?
Freakazoid...why did you say his name?
'Cause I-I wanted to do one of those funny things like, you ever watch F-Trooper where Adarn says: "Theres NO way i'm wearing a dress, ABSULUTLEY NOT, no dress!" And Forest Tucker like: "Yeah, you're gonna wear that dress! You gotta wear that dress!" then it all winds BLOOBIHDOOPBEEDOOPBEDOOP and Adarn's wearing a dress.


oh god I miss that show, I think something like that would be more popular today than when it first came out. It was before its time.
I sure hope they make a dvd of it, theyve been doing all the animaniacs and pinky and the brain, they better do this, alls I have is a low quality tv recordings on cd of it.


is this candlejack?
I loved that show! If it does come out on DVD then I'm so getting it. (Also, I sort of remember the Candle Jack episode, definetly a funny one.)
Pomander said:
Oh man, I LOVE Freakazoid. While I have all the episodes on CD, they're low quality and I'd jump at the opportunity to buy the series were it released on DVD. If only they'd produced more. ; 0;
I totally agree with you x.x

Blackwing Dragon said:
HELL yes XD. It was zany, pointless, and fast-paced. Of COURSE I loved it XD.

XD I am so happy to see that there's so many who enjoy this cartoon, if they start a petition to force the DVD, I'll definatly advertise it here!

Blackwing Dragon

That, or you could pirate the episodes from somewhere. That's the magic of the internet! Personally, I can't wait for a DVD release >-<. That show was f*cking weird! In a good sense :-D.
Even then there's no guarantee the DVD might show up here, too...*hmm*

Renton Whitetail

Friendly Mod
I remember this show, but the only part of it I remember each time I read or hear the name "Freakazoid" is the intro theme song. :p  TyVulpine once provided me a link to a vid of "Freakazoid" that involves a character named Fanboy, and man, is he annoying!! :lol:


I think I have it on one of the computers around here somewhere. I less than three that show. But you know, I hear he runs around in underwear!