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Free 3DCG assets


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Greetings to all, i'm a 3DCG artist and want to share my work with everyone, i own a website where i post all my work if any of you are interested you can go to Free3DCG • Free 3D models download and download anything you need, some of them are decent some are awful but i'm sure you'll find something

I mainly make background CG props for daz 3D renders, do not recommend importing them into game engines, so if anyone is making 3DCG visual novel using daz 3D and needs some free stuff feel free to download anything you need, also feel free to share my site with your friends you are not obligated to do so but would help me a lot so more people cand use them.

There are not many at the moment but updating every day with new content so be sure to check it out.
If you have any questions feel free to ask in this post.

Thank you and have an awesome day.


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Wow, I'm amazed! I love it!

Thank you so much for these!

I wanted to ask you: could I import them into Clip Studio Paint?

Happy you like them.

To be honest i don't work with "CLIP ART STUDIO" paint but if the software supports 3d models such as .obj, .fbx, .dae etc it should be possible to use them, download one from the site and try it out.

All objects are mainly created to be opened with DAZ studio and create an image render that can be used to import into game engines such as RENPY or other visual novel engines