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Free Art: Free adoptables 5/10


I'm back and this time with adoptables of my new species Loaflings
Some info on them here -->www.furaffinity.net: New Species! Loaflings by Belladonna_mandrake
and here -->www.furaffinity.net: Loafling anatomy by Belladonna_mandrake
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Loafling Anthro pink-
Loafling Anthro blue-
Loafling Anthro Water-
Loafling Anthro Earth-
Loafling Anthro Fire-
Loafling Feral Teal-
Loafling Feral Pink and blue-
Loafling Feral Green-
Loafling Feral Pink-
Loafling Feral Purple-
could i have the pink loafling feral, please?
i love the loaflings!


Mystic Jackalope
Oh nice! Mind if I get one at random, please? Ty!
Sure how bout this one?