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Free: Anyone want this?


Lazy Artist
I made this monstrosity a few years ago in only a few hours time. It's sloppy, glued together, uses paper and screen for the eyes, has no neck, has no teeth, and has fur going in the wrong direction. Pretty much, it's a mess. It used to have a buckram base but I ripped that out ages ago to salvage for parts.

Instead of simply tossing it, I've just held onto it all this time. Often people talk about how suits are too expensive and not cheap enough. Well, here's your chance. Just pay for it's shipping and it's yours (should only be ~5 or so). Use it for whatever you want. Fursuiting, scaring small children, scaring animals, a prop for whatever, ect. I was just going to toss it in the trash but I figured someone might want it. Rather than just throwing it away though, I'll probably end up using it as an example of how quickly a dog can rip up a fursuit head. That should be a funny video. *ahem*

Anyone who wants it has a week or two to claim it. Just pm me here for the fastest response.

Pics (on mannequin head):

Pics (without mannequin head):

The head has been worn to a few adoption events for kittens (I'm keeping the rest of the body) and once while trick-or-treating (however that was too hot so I just put it in my trick-or-treat bag). The fur itself is clean (as I did wear a balaclava with it) but does have some burning from hot glue, exposed backing, stuff like that, ect. I did use kind of old foam though. It's clean but has that slight old smell (as this was a head from waaaaaaay back then when I was using what I could).

It has been exposed to cats and dogs and possibly other animals as it was worn mainly at PetCo for a Grand-Opening, Halloween, and Christmas event.

Soooooo, anyone want it? Or would you rather see my dog tear it to shreds? (yes, it would be an educational video)
Haha, when I clicked on the images, it informed me that there were prints available for $46.99
You say you are giving it away for free, because the real money is in the prints of the pictures XD


Lazy Artist
Is this already taken. Or eaten by your dog.

Reaper asked about it first but I forgot to get back to them cause recent things have distracted me. I'm going to contact Reaper and if it's unwanted, it's yours.