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Free Art Here!!

I'll be taking four requests!!
I've been really itching to draw Hogwarts uniforms lately.

I'll only be doing ONE uniform for each house.
So please comment below with your ref, which uniform you'd like you character drawn in, and an emotion. :3

Please note that if you say "ref's in sig" I WILL NOT draw your character.
Also note, I will not get these done in one night, they will take a couple days considering I have a job and what not.

Slots ~

Gryffindor ~ viridis_coyote
Hufflepuff ~ Smelge
Ravenclaw ~ ChipmunkBoy92
Slytherin ~ RayO_ElGatubelo
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Might as well through my name into the hat, but I've been having troubles uploading pics.


I figure I would be either in Gryffindor of Hufflepuff, either way seems like a fun project!

I would recommend using the carefree face on this one, or you could just make a new one!

I'm using explanation points for no reason!

Thank you!



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Ruth is perfect for Gryffindor! She's already a witch, after all.


And as for an emotion, I'd like "confident."

Or perhaps my other cat witch Cynthia. She is a mischievous Slytherin!


EDIT: Since Gryffindor and Slytherin seem to be taken, I looked at the other houses.

Ray seems to be a good fit for Ravenclaw.

If you prefer a girl, you can do his Rule 63 Mona.

And for Hufflepuff, well, Suzy definitely strikes me as the sort!
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@ ChipmunkBoy92 - I've not very good at written refs sorry. But drawing a chipmunk seems like lots of fun!! So I think I'll draw him. :3

@ viridis_coyote - Your character seems like he would be good in Gryffindor. Do you mind if I draw him in that house??

@ RayO - I would LOVE to draw Cynthia. o3o I love her design and her attitude. x3
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@ viridis_coyote - Your character seems like he would be good in Gryffindor. Do you mind if I draw him in that house??

Go right ahead! Have fun with it too, I never wish to suppress an artist, especially when it's free.

Thanks again!


My gif animation doesn't work
Hi, I would be pleased if you could consider Lydia the Weredog. She's absolutely nothing like Cynthia and isn't a character made up to annoy RayO.


She should be in any uniform, and her favourite emotion is purple.


She should be in the house that Hogwarts created for Mary Sues after the Slytherin guys got tired of having to deal with Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way.