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Free art! Let me draw your character!


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I am new on this forum, but I finally found where to upload this, ahhah.

I am taking requests, and yes they are free! I don´t have any good examples yet, because I have not drawn furries for very long. BUT if you want to see my other artworks: FoxTa1l on DeviantArt Foxta1l (@foxta1l) • Instagram photos and videos Artwork Gallery for Foxta1l -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

If you want me to draw you, fill out this form:

Gender (if your character as a specific gender):
Any wishes?:

Sorry, for my bad english and thank you for requesting!
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'Cause sanity is boring
Everything on this ref
Imagine the Joker. Compared to my guy, the Joker is keeping it together well
Could you do something to do with inflation? It's alright if not


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Hi Fox! Thanks for the offer, I'll bite (gently, of course)

Gender: Male
Type: Lupine
Markings: f
ur is predominantly light grey, with white, darker grey, tan and brown elements. Old, healed scars on face and arms. A few bright neon blue highlights from future tech elements (ear tips, comm gear, some in-fur lines, maybe a couple embedded in the arms but is only a small part of overall design)
Personality: Greymuzzle. An old-ish, wandering warrior seeking redemption. Disavowed. Humble. Continues to protect the weak whenever he can due to his internal sense of honor. No oversized muscles or weaponry.

Any wishes?: I've never had any formal art done for my 'sona, but here's a sketch I made recently.


Feel free to use your artistic license as you see fit. Thanks in advance!



The new Sora has come!
So i want to ask a favor of you , i would like to see my fox in all standing , the fox has 2 tails (one black and the other white) and the whole body divided in half like on my profile pic
and if you could add a tiny crown on one of the hears that would be great , idk if you want the background and personality and etc... if you want it ill let you know :3
btw i rly need to thank you for doing free requests , you know how expensive sometimes some requests can be so you are doing a big favor to alot of ppl , and i gave a look on your deviant art you are a rly good artist , keep up the good work my friend :3
Gender : Male Fox
Markings: Not on the body he has a crown on one of the hears
Personality:Childish , evil and good , neutral
Any wishes?: maybe make him sit on a throne (optional)
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I have a character in mind that I don't yet have a reference image for. However, they're of a fictional species from a franchise, so I can provide official art images for the species for reference. There's a fair number of details, though, which I'd prefer to give in PM/DM. Nonetheless, filling out the form:
Gender: Female
Markings: Fur colouration is mostly standard. Images to show such colouration available.
Personality: Friendly, ditzy, impulsive, enthusiastic.
Any wishes?: Some anatomy may be slightly exotic. Among other things, I'd like to provide details in PM/DM.


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I'd love something of my werewolf guy if you're interested!
www.furaffinity.net: Alex Reference Sheet by featherw0lf

Tattoo on right shoulder, black on tips of ears (see ref)
Personality: lovable dorky furball who tends to annoy easily
Any wishes?: I'd prefer he be drawn in his "werewolf" form instead of his "anthro" form. You're free to draw him with some personality or make him more monstrous like a classic werewolf.

Battle Foxxo

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I have my angel character you can draw!
I included his masked and full body pics
Gender (if your character as a specific gender): Male
Markings: just on the face, it is provided
Personality: Shy, calm, unwavering. Opptomistic
Any wishes?: Not much, I dont have any of him just lounging around so I guess you can do that!




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A hyperactive computer lovin' nerd.
Gender: Male
Markings: Purple stripes on the snout. (As seen in the Pixelated ref sheet) Chunk missing from the left ear.
Personality: Can be either very tired or very hyper. Good natured.
Any wishes?: Possibly leaning against a wall or something.


The new Sora has come!
Yaaaas, so many requests, love it <3
Anyyyywaaaays, I usually draw in a random order, because I like to draw what I feel like drawing/when I feel like drawing. I have started already.
When you are drawing fursonas for free this happens , you get a ton of ppl askin XD , well i whish you the best of luck on the drawings , btw if you start drawing mine , warn me :3


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Here's my gryphon if you're interested!

Gender: Male
Markings: No special markings on him, see ref
Personality: Happy, cheerful, humorous
Wishes: I'd like him clothed please! Plain black t-shirt and some shorts would be great. Or just the shirt if you do a bust.



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I was about to say, with skill like that you'd do well selling commissions :3.
I have a shy and super-nervous boy-fennec OC should he take your interest! Here — < //www.furaffinity.net/view/23877294/ >.
Gender: Male
Markings: None! Deliberately so, in fact; in his design I wanted to keep him very simple and basic, and therefore looking very pure. I admire simplicity in art; done well it can be really potent, I find.
Personality: As described here, though he's a little naughty — < //www.furaffinity.net/user/kune~ >. Basically, he's super shy and nervous, and gets scared very easily. Very awkward when given any sort of attention, and will often hide away in a nice, safe and quiet spot. Despite some of his “naughty” tendencies, he has a good, caring heart.
Wishes: Anything of him looking nervous (and therefore adorable <3) would be sweet. I sometimes request something of him looking at the camera with a shy–nervous smile, as if he doesn't want to be in the limelight, and wants to run away and hide, but it's up to you. If you have an alternate idea for him I'd love to see :3


Gender : Female
Personality: Very laid back and friendly
Any wishes: I'm open to anything ^^

Thank you!


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