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Free Art of Your Fursona! [CLOSED]


Hi, welcome to the forums! Your style is really cute :)

If my sona would interest you, I’d love to see her in your style ^^ Her outfit in her ref sheet might be a bit complex, so you’re free to draw her in whatever clothing you wish!

Thanks for the opportunity!
Thank you for your submission! Very beautiful sona.


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Ima throw my hat into the ring here. My ref sheet in down below. I'd like to see what magic you could perform.


hehe, I had a bit of a silly idea based around something people tell me at times, but I dunno if you'd be up for it :p
here's the refs:
here's the idea: think you could draw him holding a Drowzee in the air and have them both looking at eachother surprised or in confusion? I hope it's not too complex, or I could ask for something else otherwise ... maybe the idea is more fun in my mind .w.
also it could be a half body pic for simplicity, or for a better focus, but as you prefer, and if you're ok with it
oh, and thanks for the chance :)


Welcome to FA dear heres my Sona Claire the Jackalope
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if you could draw her reading a book on the paranormal or making a potion
I love jackalopes, and yours was so cute! I didn't know her personality traits, so I hope you are okay with her being a little clumsy :D
I didn't know what her tail looked like, so I drew it like a bunny's... Anyway, hope you like it!


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Hi! Nice to meet you! These forums are great, and everyone here is really nice, and god knows, have been patient for a late bloomer such as myself.

Your art you included is really cute! I look forward to seeing more of it here!

In reference to something to draw, I would be interested if you're still open to it. I would love to be able to give you a ref sheet, but I'm still waiting on the artist I commissioned a while back to get to it.

The only example I have of my fursona is my profile pic that SmolSammich was so kind to do for me.

If you want to try and tackle Jake as anthro, that would be awesome!

Jake is an Arctic Fox with black feet/paws (like socks) with a white bushy tail with black on the tip. Jake is of slightly heavier size (as I am in real life). Personailty wise, Jake is selectively extroverted, but mostly introverted. Jake works as a Paramedic and has for some time (dont know if it's relevant or not, I'm still new to all of this myself lol)

If you are able to get to this one, I'd be super appreciative, but if not, I totally understand! Either way, welcome to the forums, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with for everybody on here!

Good day!


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Can you draw me a picture of my pfp as an anthro?


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Hey! Welcome here! So I would like to offer my character. His name is Jonni
Йоня реф-export.png

He likes Nintendo games, so any Pokemon experiments are welcome! Hope you like him :'D