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FREE Art. Requests open!


Hello all of you! ^-^

I need more anatomy practice and furry art to relax my brain so hit me with your characters and I'll pick whatever ones I want to do.

You can link your character ref under my thread.
If you don't want your character to be SFW/NSFW or soft fetish tell me!
It could be that I post the drawing on my site, so you should be okay with it.
Credit me for drawings that you received for free.
Requests are not guaranteed to be fulfilled. It will depend on my own free time/availability.

Here are two examples:

www.furaffinity.net: Grey girl. by h.a.r.o.b.e.d

www.furaffinity.net: Green girl. by h.a.r.o.b.e.d


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would you like to draw my rat killjoy Ratpoison?


Hey there!
Would you like to draw my boy Fret? SFW please!
You can draw him with or without his provided outfit, or his alternate form, all your choice!
Thanks so much!


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Nice artwork. Thanks for the chance. Here is a list of my characters. I hope one will grab your interest.


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Well if you wanna do one of my charecters I have a Hyena Mom I'd like drawn to normal proportions. She's 6'4 chubby and thick specifically in the bust, posterior, and thighs. She does have fatty abs and a seductive care free attitude, she may be a mom but she has no shame in being a mother who likes to go out on weekends and pick up a young stud, then after that come home, chug coffee, and bust her butt to make her child comfortable, she's a good thick mama Hyena that loves to let her hair down.

She's 6'4, very thick but muscular so her body is preferable chunky but definitely has some serious muscle, like thick but with a six pack. She's a 45 year old mother of two, enjoys her kids but enjoys letting her hair down on the weekends, also I'd like the mohawk to be a more mane style like this.

Those are examples of the hair, I dont own the refrence art, they belong to Eskart and Noah Ray.

Sledge_Husky 04

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please please if you can i would love if you could do any kind of art for my sona, his name is sledge, the only art i have of him rn is my avi pic :(