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free art requests y'all


Typo monster
Trying to figure how to draw anything that isn't humanoid, send me what you've got folks.

Might do sketches, might do full color, might do headshots or full body, it's really up for grabs. Also, there's no guarantee that I will be drawing your character if you do link it in this thread, just to make that clear. I'm not very good at snouts or animal anatomy in general yet so if your character's too much for me, it just is o-o;;

Link me down below, and if you'd like you can follow this form --
character ref :
pose/expression :
extra notes :

thanks yall <3 hmu with them furries!!


I'll take a spot

Artwork Gallery for Infrarednexus -- Fur Affinity [dot] net


I'll take a pose with my arms crossed and a smirk on my face with a blue and purple background. I would also love to be featured in a black leather jacket with a grey t-shirt.

If that is too much for you, feel free to do what is comfortable. I don't mind one bit.


Do you by chance have a fullbody ref? or at least a description of the body type uwu ❤
He wears this potato sack type shirt and has light brown goat legs and black hooves and a normal goat tail! His hands has black hooves as fingers and he's very buff!
Thank you so much!

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It's always exciting to see people getting into furry art! My Edelweiss is decently simplistic if you want to try your hand at her.

character ref : edelweiss ref sheet.png
pose/expression : maybe dying of exhaustion over a medical textbook? Or you could try to tackle a little necromancy, with her doing some magic and looking rather maniacal while she's at it.
extra notes : Edelweiss is both a necromancer and a med student. She's constantly tired, always sarcastic, and has no time for anyone's bullshit. If you decide to go for the necromancy route, she usually wears a dark hood and paints the top part of her face black in order to be extra shadowy and mysterious.


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Meh might as well give ya one to help

Never done this so I have no idea how to attach stuff so i hope his works

If you could make them lounging in a chair that be cool? Give 'em any clothes ya think would fit


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I've got my girl Nilla if you'd like to draw her :)

character ref : Nilla on Toyhouse
pose/expression : Mischievous or sassy, pose is up to you!
extra notes : She's rodent-ish but has a cat-like muzzle.
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It’s been a while since I’ve requested for free art, but here goes!
Pose/Expression: Maybe he could be standing on a flat roof high up, watching the sun rise over a city-like landscape. Or anything else you would like to do :D

Extra note: his official outfit design is from the first pic, which is his ref.


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Awesome art! If your looking to practice snarl expressions more. Feel free to choose one of my canines. Bonus points if you'd be willing to draw them together.

The Don - Tosa Inu/Great Dane mix. Stern. Mafia/Yakuza style feeling.
Bas Rouge - Beauceron Dog. Trained Schutzhund. Resting Bitch face. Snarly. Scar Face. Usually depicted wearing high neck leather harnesses and a muzzle.

Context: The Don is her handler and owner. Bas is his attack dog and bodyguard.
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If you skipped me because my request was too much I apologize. Feel free to do whatever you want with my character that feels most comfortable for you.


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This is just a simple version but Ive been looking for someone to do my fursona, So if you want to you can try with this. Keep up the great work.

❤ circuit the dutchie ❤

Lé balloon thief :3
ref sheet_kindlephoto-76036620.jpg
Hiya, this character is brand new, and I would love to have some new art for her. You could just do the head if you please, or the whole body... it's up to you, the pose doesn't matter to me, it could literally just be her standing. XD But here's Circuit ♡View attachment 39742
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I am currently working on a fursona but i cant draw. MikeyWolf is adventurous, active, outgoing, not shy, and exciting. I love the colours light blue and white, I love to have fun, and meet new people. I am not gothic, i am a "colourful" person. I dont really have any photos for anyone to go off of. But i also cant draw like is said, so i need someone to draw MikeyWolf for me.