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Free Art Requests


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I would really love to open up for commissions again, but to do that I need to get my name back out there. So I'm offering free art requests/sketch works. Normally I prefer artistic freedom, but I'll let y'all tell me your ideas. My examples are listed below (and are the only good ones my scanner didn't destroy). But first of all; RULES

• Anthro, human or feral
• Female preferred but can do males and shemales
• Only one character and request per person!
• These will either be digital or traditional
• I'd love to do unique characters or species
• Fanart is welcomed
• My ToS applies: Which is here.
• Please fill out the application if interested!

• Male, Female or other:
• FA Name:
•Pose Desired/Request Details:
• Other Details:

These are ONLY sketches! If you'd like something more it would be considered a commissions, which we can discuss if you're interested.

I'm more active on FA! If I don't respond to you here, don't hesitate to send me a note!

You may not redistribute or use this artwork!
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Pyruus V.8: Now With More Glowy Bits
Hi, I'll pop in here. I don't have any NSFW art, and I'd like to get some. I'm the dragon. Don't worry about the sergal, that's my bf. I'm sorry, I don't have a reference sheet yet, but I'm getting one soon.
Sex: Male.
NSFW detail: 7 inches long.
My FA username: Pyruus, like here. Userpage of Pyruus -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
As for pose... I don't really have a particular one in mind, so feel free to choose whatever you want. Maybe he could be curling his finger, like "come here".
Maybe for facial expression, he could be smiling and curling his lips, er... suggestively.


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Hi, I'll pop in here. I don't have any NSFW art, and I'd like to get some. I'm the dragon. Don't worry about the sergal, that's my bf. I'm male. I haven't requested NSFW art before, is there more info you need, and should it be given in pms?
Please fill out the application if interested, thanks! :)


Pyruus V.8: Now With More Glowy Bits
Yeah, I just fixed it up a bit, I didn't notice the application lol.


Green wuff with large feet
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Master of Atherea
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Some weird teen on the web that likes cartoons
•Reference: Connie on Toyhouse
• Male, Female or other: Female
• FA Name: Sunburst_Odell
•Pose Desired/Request Details: Have her look happy or excited, please! As for a pose, anthing is fine!
•SFW or NSFW: SFW please.
• Other Details: She's a lynx, so make sure her ears keep their tufts ^^

Damian Voidscale

Fallax splendorem suum
I doubt my chances are very high here, especially since i got here this late, but it's a unique species, so at least I have that going for me :p

1. (unshaded version)
• Male, Female or other: Male (sorry)
• FA Name: voidebuilder
•Pose Desired/Request Details: Don't exactly know how to describe this, but i was hoping for a kinda calm, underwater pose. softly treading water. does that kinda make sense. whatever, just go with swimming underwater if that's unclear, i'm not picky
• Other Details: Try not to make his expression too menacing look too menacing, if you can.


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•Reference: Album (sorry I only have a collab of pic refs as my character doesn't have official art yet. I hope that is ok to work off of)
• Male, Female or other: Female
• FA Name: julievee
•Pose Desired/Request Details: Displayed in ponygirl gear (free artist reign)
•SFW or NSFW: either
• Other Details: She is an anthro horse named Dressage. She likes to be shown off in her pony bondage gear. She is sultry and demure. For more info if needed I have a thread here.


Ahead of the pack.
I like your sketches, but I think I'll hold out for when you're taking commissions. I really want a colored avatar. I can't wait to do business with you!


Chips ahoy

Gender: female
FA name : mixpomdog
Pose desired/Request Details: Her getting drunk With striper clothing
Other details: She is a dog named chocolate.She likes going to the club.She has blue eyes ,pink strips(1 strips on right ear, 2 strips on left ear, 2 strips on right arm 1 strip on left and 2 strips on tail.)She is thicc.
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Xelwave the Yeen - Artist *COMMS closed*
Oh wow I’d love a sketch! :3 thank you so much for the opportunity!


• Male, Female or other: Male
• FA Name: PigMint
•Pose Desired/Request Details: anything you think would be ‘intimidatingly sexy’ if you know what I mean? You can have artistic choice :)
•SFW or NSFW: either! Whatever you think would look good and show off his personality (below) :D you can also have artistic choice here too! But I don’t have nsfw art for him yet so that’s be amazing! :D oh and preferably with his ears up :’D
• Other Details: Even though he looks cutesy in his ref, he’s a ‘womaniser/‘mananiser’/‘anyoneiser’ (pansexual flirty boy ;D) he prefers to act and be dominant/flirty/sexy in an intimidating way, but he totally has an effeminate side and can also be a submissive boi ;D


space cadet
• Male, Female or other: Female
• FA Name: CatTheHyena
•Pose Desired/Request Details: Nothing specific.
•SFW or NSFW: SFW please
• Other Details:She is a Hyena/cat hybrid. That basically means she's a hyena with softer features. More petite nose and paws, that sort of thing. She still has those signature big round ears though. The only must have feature is her dermal under her right eye. It mirrors my real life one under my left eye. :) other than that add whatever you want. I haven't really settled on a solid design yet I only have some basics down so go nuts! :D


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Happy Pride Everyone!! | Friendly Maney+Phoenix
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