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The Confused Little Fennec Fox

Hey everyone! I'm trying to get a bit more notice to another post I had. I'm getting down to the wire and I really wish to ship my chara with someone else. We can ship them as a couple or they could be my sona's pet. I have some art ordered right now but I still havent found someone to be in the art with my chara. I'm hoping for something long term. You'd get art every month of our charas. If we become close friends, you'd also get gifts from me. My chara is a horse built like a lumber jack. I would prefer something sub/feminine; femboy, female, herm, etc. Please comment or send me a message if you have any questions!​
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Ohh this sounds like a cute idea.
I have a ponygirl you might be interested in. Her name is Dressage.

(nsfw. Nude refs) Album

I'd love to see what your horse man looks like and talk more about it.


You know I have a girl who I was planning on using just for art if you want to check her out you can message me